Thank you for visiting and thinking of purchasing the Bas Rutten O2 Trainer. I am glad you want to take control of your breathing and train yourself for better lung endurance.
This product is very personal to me. I had asthma as a boy, and I remember how hard it was just to catch my breath. I was bed-ridden for up to a week because I could not get enough air into my lungs! It was at that time, as a sick boy, about 15 years old, that I first thought of the O2 Trainer. Because when I would recover from the asthma attack, I would feel the air enter my lungs much more easily and immediately felt stronger. I knew that if I could just pull great amounts of air into my lungs with ease, there’s nothing I couldn’t do. And many years later at the behest of close friends, I finally put my idea into action. I engineered the device to control the air intake and make you work to pull air in, and become stronger as a result. Now, and with the help of the O2 Trainer, my lung and diaphragm muscles are strong. I patented my new device and am offering it to you. My close friends and the “Elite Special Forces” whom I train have been using the O2 Trainer prototypes for a while. Everybody loves the way their lungs feel now. To see the rewards other people have gained by using my O2 Trainer is very gratifying to me.

Initially designed with athletes in mind, the O2 Trainer is used by people from all walks of life. Musicians who play horns or orchestral wind instruments as well as opera singers and scuba divers can benefit tremendously when using my O2 Trainer for enhanced lung training and endurance.

The O2 Trainer

  • Made of soft, fully biodegradable silicon.
  • Effective in boosting your respiratory performance.
  • Easily adjustable to various lung-fitness levels.
  • Compact, convenient, and safe for you, and for the environment.

Corporate Wellness Clinics all over the country recommend some form of breathing exerciser. Never has there been more evidence of the importance of training your lungs and strengthening your breathing.
I based my O2 Trainer on a simple, yet powerful concept. By controlling the air INTAKE to your lungs, you immediately begin breathing the right way – using your diaphragm (belly). The smaller the hole on the air INTAKE side, the harder your lungs need to work to “pull” the air in. As you pull the air in through my O2 Trainer, focus on using your diaphragm muscles, (the muscles between your chest and abs). You are training your lung and diaphragm muscles, and thus making them strong.

I suggest that you start out slowly and without a screen for the first five minutes. Let your body get used to the device and to breathing the right way – from the diaphragm – and you are already better preparing your body to handle exercise, and even stress. As your lungs warm up, you will feel the muscles in your back, and you will know you’re making progress.

From there, use Screen Number 1, with the largest air intake hole. As you advance and feel your breathing getting stronger, move on to screens 2-10. Soon your workouts will become super-charged.
I also included a nose clip. Once you are used to working out with the O2 Trainer, and you feel ready, you can use the nose clip provided as a means to challenge your lung muscles even more.

Now, some athletes like to breathe through their noses, and that’s no problem. The beauty of my O2 Trainer is you don’t have to use it every workout. Depending on your objective, two to four times per week about 30 minutes is sufficient to achieve good results. Use the nose clip if you feel ready and you want to take that challenge.
Again, start out slowly, you will progress in your own time. I believe in you. Just keep using the O2 Trainer as directed, and you will be as thrilled as I am with the results.
Lastly, if you are not engaged in any form of physical exercise the O2 Trainer is not for you. Not yet, anyway. I always recommend what I call “common sense caution”. When you decide to get fit and start to train, come back and give us a look. We’ll be here.

For those of you that are using my O2 Trainer right now – let me know how it’s going, will you?

GodSpeed my friends!