Breathe better for a healthy life!

  • Exercises for better breathing and better living
  • Increase energy levels, reduce stress
  • Decrease breathlessness during activity
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Be more alert, feel better, breathe better

The O2 Trainer restricts air intake to strengthen abdominal muscles and regulate your breathing form training your body to properly take in deeper breaths and more oxygen.

The ability to intake more oxygen and breathe properly leads to improved body composition and supports a healthy circulatory system, and a healthier lifestyle. The health benefits are vast including rapid fatigue recovery, heightened concentration and alertness, and calming effects for the entire nervous system. Learn More: The Science Behind the O2-Trainer.

If you are looking reduce anxiety, promote a healthy immune system, or lose fat, the O2 Trainer will help you breathe better. The health benefits of proper breathing are extensive, and the O2 Trainer is the perfect tool to teach anyone how to make the most out of every breath! This is not a gimmick, but a means to train your lungs and abdomen so that you may enjoy the benefits of better breathing.

The O2 Trainer is fully adjustable, and can be used by anyone, anywhere at any time – Make a healthy life style change today!

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