Fuel Up On Stamina!

  • Train your breathing while you train your muscles
  • Become leaner, more durable, composure
  • Dominate your opponents with endurance
  • Resist submission through controlled breathing
  • Get a fight night advantage with oxygen deprivation


Champion Mixed Martial Arts athletes are well rounded competitors that must train in many forms and a multitude of methods. Endurance and stamina are very important aspects of a fighters training that can mean the difference between a win and a loss.

You can have 5 black belts in 4 different sports, but if you don’t have the stamina to back your technique up and you run out of gas, you lose your fight! That’s why many great fight champions today, whether it’s MMA, Boxing, Thai Boxing or Martial Arts in general, use some form of breathing training devices and the O2 Trainer is a compact device with big results! Proper breathing can improve performance, build, and the overall health of an athlete. The O2 Trainer provides the health benefits of proper breathing along with the ability to train to perform at a maximum in any altitude. Learn More: The Science Behind the O2 Trainer.

Be prepared and never run out of gas! Be ready for your next fight and get the O2 Trainer today!

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