Boost Your Performance!

  • Control your breathing 
  • Make long and powerful notes 
  • Improve and strengthen your abdominal breathing 
  • Strengthen your diaphragm 
  • Learn relaxation and controlled breathing 
  • Suitable for singers and musicians of all levels 


The O2 Trainer ensures that, when you inhale, it strengthens your diaphragm muscles and your breathing technique is trained. Resulting in longer and more powerful notes and an improved performance.

Exercise and performance of the musical art is demanding; both physically and mentally; and precision and “focus” are crucial. A well-trained body gives a strong and stable base and makes sure that the artist gets the opportunity to focus with confidence on his performance. Trumpeter and singer; Make sure that the O2 Training is a part of your musical training! Learn More: The Science Behind The O2 Trainer.

The O2 Trainer is adjustable and suitable for singers and musicians at every level. A perfect tool to help you reach your musical goals.

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